Why people screams when some character “die” or on a state of near dead when everyone and their mother know they won’t actually be dead?

And in case of Hamatora I’m sure as hell they will pull a batch revival/reset/parallel/alternate world shit they have in store in the end because no one really die in this story so why waste energy?


Some of the beautiful art by Maya from the Epic of Zektbach guide book. Thanks to user Crystalsuicune for uploading. I really love this art, music and story. Glad to see it has finally been compiled officially.


So I scanned in the 3 new illustrations, sketches, and a few pictures that were already released but now in larger size for folks who don’t have the Miika artbook. Some of the pictures are cut off though because the artbook is kinda really big and my poor small scanner can’t scan it all in. Here are camera-shots of the pages that are cut off but they’re not the best quality.

Enjoy Zektbaching, peeps. (´・ω・`)


Actualizaron el sitio web oficial de Magic Kaito 1412 con la información que fue publicada en la última edición de Shonen Sunday.

So glad they keep his fun personality. And Aoko looks like Aoko not a Run clone now. They even got her personality right. Cute and lively!

Actually hoped for a complete character design change. But this less angel and more round design are good enough. The rest is up to how Studio A-1 animate them. I hope it get a SAO treatment not a Shin Sekai Yori one.


Phoenix just can’t take his eye off him.
Translation by me. Original work is here.


Phoenix just can’t take his eye off him.

Translation by me. Original work is here.

Sherlock and Watson




"It’s elementary school, Watson, where you should be."

-The Mod


I’M SOLD! Seem like a fun duo.
He reminds me of detective Enokido from the Hyakki Yakyou series. Not a bad thing at all.

[4/5] Biases: Butler Zain
[CG Credit: sai2310]
First of all, I would like to say that he’s very attractive. Just look at those beautiful green eyes. I can stare at all his CG’s all day long. The reason why I love Zain is because of his uniqueness, and that he’s secretive but when he actually reveals his true intentions he does have some difficulty to control it. I also believe he’s secretly a closet pervert. He may be a butler but he’s definitely my prince.

I don’t know what I’m doing.


West End Brilliant Original Posters from 1986 till present. Love those design ideas!

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