Oh my Goto!!!
this game suddenly became yaoi
Wilfred stop stealing my Zain D:

I did a double take when I reached this part. Hahahaha. Best mistake ever.


An Ace Attorney PowerPoint

Edgeworth injured/abused/dead fic rec list



Poor Edgeworth. His fans always want to hurt or kill him so bad, it almost became like a sub-genre or something. Having 15-years-long nightmare and severe PTSD, being accused for murder twice, kidnapped once, choosing death wasn’t enough for his suffering?

Anyway, a gift for Edgeworth-angst fans like myself. A list contains 27 fics. Listed only when Edgeworth getting hurt or killed is the MAIN STORY. Sometime he recovers, sometimes not, the story can be very depressing or triggering; so read at your own risk.

Most of them are Phoenix/Edgeworth. Also some Miles/Franziska, Gant/Worthy, Manfred/Miles, Edgeworth/Kay included.

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Shall we date? Ninja Love - Character review: Goemon


  • A player who didn’t believe in love
  • Had many other admirable qualities
  • Seem carefree, but actually smart and responsible
  • I enjoyed his and MC’s interaction the most out of every route

Every route he appeared, I found new aspects of him that I like. When situation turned dire or when Hanzo was not available, he will be the one to step up and get things going. He is a big supporter for the MC in every other route too; and not in a NTR way neither. What I felt for him in other routes is admiration.

Goemon flirts, but he never overdone it and it always came out friendly than jarring. But come to think of it, that might just proved how real smooth he was, wasn’t it? lol

His route was full of fun moments. He and the MC are really cute together. And the other guys’ interaction in his route is the best. I can’t remember how many times I grinned like an idiot.  (~∇~) 

Me watching Hamatora on one go:

"Wow, this show has a nice art."

Me at episode 1:

"Is this a Darker than Black rip off? With less serious plot and more silly.

*Art appears*

"Fuck it. I watch it for the pretty face anyway."

Episode 3:

“Nah, more like the X-Men rip off.”

Episode 4:

“Is that Nico Nico Douka?”

Episode 5:

“What the hell did I just watch?”

Episode 6:

“Is that speech pattern just for a dramatic character trait? Or would she really order a spaghetti meat sauce by saying ‘brownish red, pale yellow’?”

Episode 7:

"Wow, this show has some NiceArt"


"Fuck… I should I’ve known…. but he might…"

*Later Later*


Episode 8:


Episode 10:

"This is getting out of hand…"

Episode 11:

"Why it suddenly turns bloody?"

Last Episode:

"I KNEW IT! Wait, dearly, wha…?"

*End credit*

"…t…Damn it."

*5 days later*

Me at Re: Hamatora episode 1:

"It starts off as silly as ever. But I enjoy it."

*Nice appears*

"Well, this is a given."

Re: Hamatora episode 2:

*Watches favorite character’s hand get ripped off, goes through pain, stabs himself to dead, regenerates, leave behind pool of blood*


*angst guarantee*


*promising dead flag*


"That’s it.."

"I’m following this fucking show."

Claugh and Luke

They knew each other since they were kid.

Young Claugh wanted to kill the Nobel man responsible for his mother’s death. He pretended to obey the noble and wait for the right time to take revenge. When he was brought to the training place, he met Luke among many kids there.

Luke always smile but he was naturally heartless.He nonchalantly used other kids’ life as a bait because it was logically the best way to win. In many later volumes we will learn that he was born that way. A logical man to the core. He could kill  people he like if it serve a bigger picture.

Their personalities are the polar opposite. Claugh is all instinct; Luke is all logic.

That’s why they were picked when a god, Remlude, want to test the human, the hero, and the devil. They were to judge Sion’s fate, while Ryner’s two old friends were to judge Ryner’s fate.

Shall we date? Ninja Love - Character review: Sasuke



  • Energetic, cheerful, and childish
  • He liked the MC from the start and didn’t afraid to show it
  • He’s younger than the MC
  • Literally a big Jack Russell puppy
  • While Saizo’s route had some “You shouldn’t” moment from Hanzo; because they’re on a middle of a crisis and all…..
  • Sasuke was like “Why shouldn’t weeee?” *wags tail, makes puppy eyes* which made Hanzo face palm and gave up *laughs*
  • His route was filled with other characters
  •  So much so that sometimes I felt my attention was diverted (=w=;)